Marketing to businesses requires a different focus than marketing to consumers. A consumer might be more attracted to special discounts or lower pricing, but potential business clients are often prepared to pay slightly more provided that the value is better. For this reason, your marketing techniques should be more focused on the value that your service or product provides rather than the low prices you can offer. Below are some of the best b2b marketing techniques in 2016.
Most businesses benefit from trade show marketing. Trade shows offer the chance for businesses to expand their new customer base while motivating existing customers to buy. Trade show exhibitors often think customers will come if they exhibit at a trade show. The truth is that the largest and most remarkable booth amounts to zilch if customers do not even know the presentation is happening, where it is, or the purpose of the exhibition.
The big secret to the success of a trade show is a smart pre-trade show marketing. A productive method for making sure the content of pre-trade show marketing is retained and acted on by customers is to hold a trade show contest. The issue with this is that not all trade show contests are the same, and they do not all get the same response. By following a few simple ideas, you can ensure your pre-trade show marketing and trade show contest provides your business with a profitable trade show experience.

Another b2b technique is promotional marketing.This one is the most effective ways to strengthen your brand and increase customer loyalty towards your business. It has been proven time and again that by giving more to your clients, you also gain much. This is especially true when what you have to give products of value.
One of the best things about giving away promotional marketing products is that you can keep the cost fitted to your budget. You can even save more when you take the time to source your products carefully. Usually, by purchasing these products in volumes or bulk, you can lower the cost by a considerable amount. There’s a lot to benefit from the use of promotional marketing products in strengthening customer loyalty. These products have the power to keep your customers interested in your business, and serve as their lifetime souvenirs from you.
Think about it for a second – professional buyers are used to being pitched on the business value and sense underlying a particular deal, and will as a consequence be most reluctant to give in to any overt pressure sales tactics. Remember – for the most part, the clients you serve in a B2B market will have their own sales function, and will already be familiar with the tricks of the trade. Sell to these clients as they want to be sold to – not as your current processes permit. That means allowing the buyer to make up his or her mind, with you acting as a facilitator to make it happen.
Marketing to business clients should be a low-pressure process that works best when it’s integrated with your current marketing strategies. Using techniques such as email marketing can still be effective when marketing towards businesses, but only if its correctly targeted. Tactics like email marketing can be effective, but only if you target business owners correctly. Sending the same email to potential business clients that you send to consumer clients may not work. The hard part is just getting to ‘yes’ which is usually a much more involved and personal process.